Baiweiyuan Chinese Restaurant

Baiweiyuan Chinese Restaurant

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Life is uneventful from the very beginning and mixed with various tastes after all kinds of experiences. Yet it will eventually become uneventful in the end. Organic food ingredients can be made into a wide range of flavors which are based on the original flavor. Come to Baiweiyuan and savor the flavors of ingredients and the tastes of life. 

The Chinese Restaurant mainly offers fresh organic farm vegetables from Xinxing, specialties from Yunfu and health-promoting dishes. The dishes are exquisitely made and seasoned with natural spices. The produces are featured by traditional Cantonese cuisine, supplemented by Shunde cuisine and Hunan cuisine. Herbal cuisine and health-promoting soups are launched in different seasons.

Products include: Dietary health preserving series, organic seasonal vegetables, home raised fowl and livestock, mountain spring water nourishing stew series, cereals series and local freshwater fish series.

Recommended dishes