Located in the Sixth Patriarch’s Hometown Tourist Resort Area in Xinxing Town, Yunfu, Guangdong Province, ZEN HOTSPRING RESORT sits right next to Guoen Temple— China’s Holy Land of Zen Buddhism. This South China’s first hotspring resort themed with Zen culture is invested by Guangdong Fenglu Aluminum Group with RMB 1.2 billion. Finely carved over decades, the resort has become a legendary piece of work.

Covering a land area of 200 mu, the Resort has a gross floor area of 76,000m2. It’s a fusion of Zen culture, Lingnan culture, hotspring health preservation, Chinese landscape art and international SPA. Imported teakwood and traditional mortise and tenon joint structure have been adopted for the uniquely designed and finely crafted wooden structures. The lobby, main buildings and annex buildings are arranged in an upside-down T-shaped manner. Around the six courtyards are landscape pools, water screens, cascading waterfalls, Longshan Lake, villas, giant rock waterfalls and Chinese landscape elements. It’s a picture-perfect scroll.

Designed to service the high-end consumers, the Resort has 290 deluxe guestrooms in the main hotel buildings. The guestrooms are furnished with Ming-style furniture made of Laotian rosewood, and decorated with famous Chinese paintings, antiques and fine crafts. They exude a sense of elegance, simplicity and luxury. Hidden amid the rare stones and plunging waterfalls in the dense forests and towering peaks are 25 Lingnan-style villas. These fine villas are built with suites, private gardens, swimming pools, therapy pools and SPA rooms. From the black bricks and grey tiles, you can feel how profound the Zen culture is.

The Resort is further furnished with Chinese and Western Restaurant, Bodhi House, Wine & Cigar House, Zen Tearoom and other foodservice facilities. Multi-functional Banquet Hall, conference rooms of various sizes, KTV Center, Fitness Center, Cinema Center, Chess and Card Room, Children’s Entertainment Center, Zen Culture Gallery, Rosewood Pavilion, boutiques and bookstores can also be found. The Resort guarantees a wonderful holiday stay!

Within the Resort are also natural sulfurous hotsprings unique in Guangdong Province. Containing 20 minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body, the spring water is reputed as the Water of Immortals. There are 28 feature hotspring pools, including dynamic SPA (swirl pool), Asia’s longest infinity therapy pool (longevity pool), largest “sprinkler” (sun bath), natural pool-in-pool (wetland pool) and rare Chinese herbal medicine pools like Zen Herbal Garden. Furthermore, the Resort offers 3 swimming pools and a geothermal house, a Spa Club and a lounge. Private and primitive ecological experience is provided for endless fun.

Aspired to build the best Zen culture theme hotel, we are committed to presenting a Zen, tranquil, wellness and enjoyable journey with butler and personalized services based on cost efficiency and perfection for meticulousness, thoughtfulness and satisfaction. We strive to build the Resort into the most influential Zen culture hotspring resort and an international Zen-themed health and recreational tourist resort!